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Concrete Floor Overlays and Microtoppings

Concrete Floor Overlays In Maryland

Concrete Floor Overlays in Maryland

Concrete At Home Maryland

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We need to be sure there is a solid foundation which we can build upon so we provide the highest quality completion of any project. We take pride in our detailed repair of a damaged floor, helping us provide long-lasting, quality improvements. With the proper surface preparation completed, concrete floor overlays and microtoppings have performance with sensation appearance.

Garage Floor Coatings

To make your garage floor surface better to or create a new floor we specialize in garage floor epoxy applications. Garage floor epoxy is optimal because it resists scratches and moisture. A quick cure time together with the durability of these floors  makes our epoxy floor coatings beneficial for industrial and residential uses.

Self-Leveling Concrete, Concrete Floor Overlays and Micro Toppings – Local Areas

Luxurious and affordable floors can be possible with concrete floor overlays. Damaged floors and floors that have uneven surfaces would find a benefit from this system. A multitude of dyes and stains are also available for self-leveling floors or stamped concrete in order to get the unique look matched with your interior design. Concrete floor overlays are slimmer, a viable option for jobs that do not require the whole process of self-leveling.

We are based in Ellicott City Maryland serving customers in Baltimore, Harford and Howard County.

Concrete Floor Overlays In Maryland

Concrete Coloring – Acid Stains and Dyes

Acidic stains and dyes can make a limitless collection of options for your next flooring design project. Whether you need to redo a common area or a basement floor, any of our stains are no match for the competition, creating a unique customized floor. Concrete floor overlays give a natural look when used with acid stain colors as well.

Residential Uses for  Concrete Floor Overlays include Homes, Condos, Townhouses, Hotels and Resorts

Homes, Hotels, and Resorts

Concrete floor overlays are low maintenance and flexible so that they can be utilized in any room in a home, including basements. With all of the design choices available, you are guaranteed to find the right style and texture to meet your needs.

Garage Floors

There are many choices in garage flooring for residential homes that range from simple to a more advanced system. In addition, we offer solutions to match a variety of budgets, decorative requirements, and designs. Our concrete floor overlays are high performing floors that are simple to maintain and clean,  and also resist damage from chemicals and hot tires.

Basements Floors, Kitchens Baths and more!

Concrete Floor Overlays In Maryland

All interior floors can be transformed using concrete floor overlays for a low-maintenance, highly decorative finish. There are a variety of systems we can provide based on your specific design requirements. Selections include basement floor systems, baths, kitchens, entertainment rooms, and porches.

Pool Decks, Patios and Driveways

To repair your pool deck, patio or driveway our stamped concrete overlays are the perfect choice in creating a decorative, enduring area. These new surfaces are available in many natural stone or brick patterns that harmonizes with your exterior décor.

Concrete Floor Overlays In Maryland