Industrial Epoxy Floors

Industrial Epoxy Floors

Industrial Epoxy Floors in Maryland

Industrial Epoxy Handbook

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Our high performance epoxy systems can benefit all types of commercial or industrial floors that need durability and strength. Due to heavy traffic these floors receive, commercial flooring requires sustainability. Equipment is being transported by employees on a constant schedule. OSHA demands that flooring for all business settings, meet or surpass specific guidelines. Non-slip surfaces are a standard provided by OSHA. Eco-friendly flooring that cleans with ease are just an added bonus, and our industrial epoxy floors surpass these requirements.

Our Industrial Epoxy Floors

In an industrial setting, epoxy and polyurea floor coatings are the ideal solution and the best choice for heavy industrial flooring. Our industrial epoxy floors provide an economical solution for a business of any size. Our superior quality floors will last under any amount of abuse or wear.

Benefits and Advantages of Our Industrial Epoxy Floors

Industrial Epoxy Floors in Maryland

Minimal Work Disruption

Your business will benefit from your choice to have an epoxy or polyurea floors, when the time for it to cure is minimal. We complete your large area in different sections, allowing for only part of your work area to be disrupted at one time.

OSHA Requirements

Non-slip industrial epoxy floors provide the optimal amount of safety for employees and helps them to avoid accidents. The epoxy systems we use not only meet but exceed the Coefficient of Friction levels dictated by OSHA regulations. Our floors are strong and durable, consistently withstanding damage, throughout a maximum time frame.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendly business that have adopted a greener way to do business, will welcome our floors and our methods.

Industrial Epoxy Floors in Maryland

Minimal Maintenance

Only basic cleaners are needed to care for an maintain our easy to clean floors. No special chemicals are required. Mold and bacteria resistant epoxy or polyurea coatings are offered to coat any floor. Where sterile environments are necessary, this system provides additional protection.

Lighting Improvement Reduces Energy Costs

The reflective surfaces of our floors is amplify ambient lighting, and has proven to lessen the cost of energy in many situations.

Industrial Epoxy Floors in Maryland

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