Retail Store Flooring

Retail Store Flooring

Retail Store Flooring in Maryland

Concrete Restoration

Retail Store Design

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Before we attempt to resurface an existing floor, we need to take extreme measures in ensuring that old surface coatings or adhesive left by carpets are completely removed, in addition to repairing any areas that are cracked or damaged. The initial condition of the surface can greatly impact the outcome of your newly restored system, which is why retail store flooring surface preparation is critical.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy coatings, which bond strongly with cement, are necessary to apply before decorative concrete can be laid on retail store flooring. A glossy and non-slip surface is added using a thin top coat. In high traffic areas like retails stores, these are the ideal choice.

Self-Leveling Concrete, Overlays For Retail Store Flooring

Self-leveling concrete of up to 1 inch in thickness is used on floors that have sustained previous damage or are uneven. Thin overlays are used for a decorative flair that may look like another type of flooring material like marble, granite, or tile with amazing sturdiness over time in addition to simple maintenance.

Concrete Coloring – Acid Stains and Dyes

Regardless of what the concrete looks like at the start, stains and dyes can be used to create a unique finish. The choices are limitless. Unlike paint, acid stains in earth tones or bright colors react with the molecular structure of the concrete floor.

Retail Store Flooring in Maryland

Retail Store Flooring Benefits

An important part of retail store flooring is its aesthetic appeal. Our floors are non-slip and seamless. We provide decorative concrete design for retail stores in Washington DC and Maryland.

Retail Store Flooring in Maryland