What Makes Concrete Countertops Ideal Over Other Options?

Concrete For Bars Washington DCWhen it comes to kitchen counters, there are so many options in the market that it can be quite difficult to choose. While many of them look very appealing, that is not the only consideration you should take into account when you are choosing. That is why it is recommended that you go with concrete countertops every time. This material has been used as a basic building material for almost 200 years, and it is now catching on as a countertop material.

You may be wondering how concrete, which doesn’t look very nice, can be made into a kitchen countertop. The good news is that there are so many different ways to finish it and make it ideal for a countertop. In fact, in many cases it looks a lot better than countertops that are made out of other materials. There are several reasons why concrete countertops are becoming more and more popular over the years:

  • Longevity: The first is that concrete countertops will outlast those made out of other materials by many years. Kitchen counter tops take a beating in the average home – food preparation and in some homes, it is where families share meals. This means that it should be designed to last, and that is the quality that concrete offers – it will be a long time before you need to replace a concrete kitchen countertop.
  • Finishing Options: All sorts of finishes are available with a concrete countertop. You can choose to stain it with a pigment to match the rest of the kitchen décor. You can coat it with another material or use aggregates and so on. Concrete is versatile because it bonds with most other materials rather easily.
  • Affordability: Lastly, concrete is affordable. You will be paying between $100 and $150 per square foot. When you consider how long the countertop will last, this is quite a bargain.

countertop concrete resurfacingWe offer free estimates on kitchen, bath and bar concrete counters, give us a call to learn more about options and pricing for your project.

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Stained Concrete Floors: Beauty & Benefits

Pearl White Epoxy Fairfax County VirginiaWhen you think of concrete flooring, you might envision a cold floor with little character or even a drab-colored surface that gives your home an industrial, unpleasant feel. The reality though is that stained concrete floors are anything but drab and colorless. In fact, they will bring an appealing atmosphere to your house and add plenty of beauty and warmth.

The latest homeowner trend of staining cement floors will really change your mind about concrete. The main question most property owners have is how concrete will fit into their decor, how much it will cost and whether it has high maintenance requirements.

Here are a few reasons you should consider stained concrete flooring for your home or business.

Why Choose Stained Concrete Floors?

Easy maintenance

It is very easy to keep a stained concrete floor clean. You don’t have to do back-breaking work to maintain it at all. It will always shine with a simple sweep and mop. Floors are initially polished at installation, and as soon as you see the shine disappear, you can polish it again. The floor always maintains a nice new and clean look.

Self Leveling Cement Floor MarylandFloor possibilities

With the various stains and dyes available, your floor design can be exceptionally good-looking, especially with acid stain floors. Contractors use acid stains to make patterns on the flooring and add different hues and colors depending on your chosen color palette. You will be amazed at the various patterns that stains and dyes create in the concrete.

Healthier Option

Unlike carpets, stained concrete floors do not create an environment where dust mites thrive. It does hold dust so you don’t have to use a vacuum cleaner frequently as with carpeting. You just sweep your floor once a day and watch as many allergy symptoms disappear.


Concrete floors are one of the strongest floors that you will ever have. The materials used in concrete will make sure that your floor will keep for life. Your stained concrete floor can be with you for a lifetime without you having to replace it like wood flooring or carpets.

Advantages of Stained Concrete Flooring for Homes

At certain times in every home owner’s life, they decide to do renovations on their homes. Floors are a perfect option when it’s time to freshen up your decor. Stained concrete floors are quite popular not only because they are beautiful but they’re cost effective too. They give a new look and appearance while making everyone that visits feel right at home.

Advantages of Stained Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Epoxy MarylandDurability

As one of the hardest materials to break, concrete is strong and durable. In fact, to remove cement, a jackhammer is about the only tool that will do the trick. The benefit is that when you move furniture or something heavy across it, you don’t have to worry about repairs.

No more allergies

For those who suffer from allergies or have children with allergies, stained concrete floors provide the perfect allergen-free option. Easy to clean with just a simple sweep every day, and you can keep the dust at bay that is often the culprit for allergy sufferers.

Easy to clean and maintain

Stained concrete floors are the easiest way to keep your house clean – no more scraping or heavy washing work to do. Broom and a damp mop make quick work of any dirt, and it doesn’t gather dust as much as carpeting. Polished concrete floors also provide a matte or shiny look depending on the sealant you choose so your floors will be anything but boring.

Numerous design possibilities 

Acid stains and dyes provide many color and pattern options for flooring. Acid stain flooring color combinations are numerous, and you can even have patterns and etching in the concrete to create a custom look to suit your interior or even exterior design needs.

Garage Floor Epoxy Washington DCInsulating your home

Stained concrete can keep your floors nice and cool in summer, and in the winter, the floor soaks up the sun’s heat to provide a little extra warmth when the weather outside is cooler.

There are endless possibilities and advantages of having stained concrete floors in your house. Give us a call to learn more about your options.

Must Have Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete For Bars Washington DCThere are many factors that you need to consider before making a decision on which type of countertop to have in your kitchen. Kitchen countertops come in wood, slate, granite, marble and concrete just to name a few.

Personal preferences and taste play a big role in selecting what type of material to have for kitchen counters. It’s crucial to understand material qualities before making that decision. Concrete counters are gaining in popularity for many reasons that you should consider when replacing or installing new.

With concrete kitchen counters, you can create the type of appeal you want in your kitchen. This is because concrete can be colored and stained in a variety of colors. Whichever color your kitchen walls are and the floors, you can stain the concrete by use of acid-based stains or water-based stain to bring about a match of perfection that works well with your decor. As skilled installers, we can also embed shells, glass, stone and tile in the concrete to provide an amazing work of art that is functional and durable. This enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

Cement kitchen countertops are extremely hard and tough. This makes them very durable so they can withstand wear and tear by active families in very busy kitchens. The best part is that these counters are also heat resistant and do not scratch. This is an added advantage with sharp objects like knives and the typical heat found in kitchens during cooking.

For anyone looking to have a durable kitchen counter, have a look at concrete. The benefits of concrete in the kitchen are many, and they provide value for budget-conscious property owners.

Metallic Epoxy Floors – Oakland Mills Interfaith Center

Metallic Epoxy Columbia MarylandThe floors featured here is a decorative Metallic Epoxy at Oakland Mills Interfaith Center, Columbia Maryland.  http://www.themeetinghouse.org/

Metallic Epoxy Project Description

Project size: 4300 Square feet with 1800 linear feet of decorative saw cuts.


Existing floor was exposed aggregate concrete with wooden expansion joints which was difficult to clean and not very aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Remove existing wooden expansion joints and fill with a high strength repair product.
  2. Mechanically prepare/grind entire floor.
  3. Installed Dur-A-Flex MVP moisture mitigation product.
  4. Installed CMP Specialty Products 210 self-leveling concrete to achieve a flatter floor surface.
  5. Installed Dur-A-Flex Reflexions designer metallic epoxy system.
  6. Installed decorative saw cuts with grout.
  7. Installed Dur-A-Flex Armor Top Satin Urethane.

Metallic Epoxy Washington DC

O & E Concrete Design of Ellicott City Maryland

O & E Concrete Design is the decorative division of Oertel Engels a full service concrete company serving residential and commercial customers in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Services include stamping, polishing, self leveling, epoxy coatings and countertops.

Concrete Polishing Contractors Maryland and Washington DC

Polished Metallic Epoxy

What is concrete polishing?

You likely have walked on polished concrete. It’s in many Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement stores. Starbucks is another with many locations nationwide using the concrete polishing method for their flooring.

In Home Depot, the floors are gray. In Starbucks, they are acid stained with natural earth tone colors.

You may have seen these floors in retail stores, restaurants, offices and warehouses. Just about everywhere today you find concrete flooring. In fact, you make have seen and walked on polished concrete without realizing it.

Liquid Flooring Maryland

Stained & Polished Concrete Options

15 years ago, the decorative concrete and polishing industry was small. There were a few entrepreneurial contractors who were acid staining cement floors, applying epoxies and polishing concrete. Using the internet, these same construction companies displayed plenty of project photos for all to see. Consumers now had access to a new type of flooring they didn’t know existed.

These new floors solved many problems.

Demand created an opportunity for contractors who worked with manufacturers to develop new techniques. The industry evolved.

Where once the process started by grinding and honing the cement floors, today there are many options.

  1. Concrete Polishing – The full process starts by grinding the top layer of cement with heavy equipment. Typically, the first step is using a 25-50 grit diamond pad. The following steps included 80 grit, then 100-200 and 400. At this point coloring can be applied using acid stains and/or dyes. Then apply a liquid densifier that creates a chemical reaction that tightens the pores. The next step would be to hone the surface with an 800, 1,500 and even 3,000 grit pads. These levels create the shiny polish.
  2. Grind and Seal – This is similar to the above process. However, rather than each step, after the 100-200 grit level, the floor can be acid stained or dyed then sealed. High performance urethanes are frequently used. They penetrate the pores in the surface with the first coat, followed by a high performance result with the 2nd or 3rd The process is typically quicker, less expensive and more predictable than the process from paragraph 1.
  3. Polishable Overlays – Not every floor is an ideal candidate for polished concrete. Frequently, there are issues that can prevent a predictable result. This could be caused by soft or extremely hard. Sometimes the floor was poured years ago using different batches. Avoiding issues is achieved with application of polishable self leveling overlays. These are typically poured ¼ – ½ inch thick. Color and pattern options for overlayments are unlimited. Sawcuts can create the look of custom tile.
  4. Metallic Epoxy – Many people look online at various sources of photos not sure exactly what the finished product is exactly. Some think a polish is just a shiny surface. Sometimes people look at a metallic epoxy and think they’re standing on Chicago polished concrete floors. Metallic epoxy, or as some might call it resinous liquid flooring, is another alternative.

O &E Concrete Design Concrete Polishing Contractors in Maryland, Washington DC & Virginia

We are based in Ellicott City near Baltimore serving commercial, industrial and residential customers in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Looking for a solution? Contact us today.


Epoxy Contractors in Fairfax County Virginia

O & E Concrete Design is a decorative concrete and epoxy installation company servicing commercial and residential customers throughout Fairfax County Virginia.

Metallic Epoxy Flor Office Space Fairfax County Virginia

Types Of Epoxy Coatings We Install

  1. Commercial Kitchen Resin Systems – There are a variety of options depending on your need and budget. We install industrial epoxy, high build systems that withstand heat and cold changes due to ovens and hot water high pressure cleaning. Each area of a kitchen can require a different coating. For example, we have solutions for freezers, food prep, fry lines and restrooms.
  2. Pharmaceutical Flooring – Epoxy flooring options include specific coatings for labs, wash areas, solvent storage, data centers, loading docks and more. We can also provide you with wall coating applications.
  3. Healthcare Epoxies – Let us help you choose the appropriate coating for your healthcare facility. There are numerous options available for labs, operating rooms, chemical containment, loading docks and more.
  4. Industrial Facilities – Choose from basic thin mil systems to high traffic coatings. These can range from 15 – 60 mil or more. Broadcast systems include sand, quartz and color flakes.
  5. Garage Floors – Garage floor coatings require ability to withstand heat from hot tires and petroleum leaks. 100% solids with high performance urethanes and polyaspartic systems are available.
  6. Metallic Epoxy – These are highly decorative unique systems like in many of the images you see here. They can be used in showrooms, restaurants, retail stores, basements and other areas where a decorative finish is required. They are non slip, seamless and low maintenance.

Pearl White Epoxy Fairfax County Virginia

Other O & E Concrete Design Flooring Services

  • Moisture Mitigation Vapor Systems – If you have new concrete, we have systems that will contain the moisture vapor. Typically the process begins with shotblasting followed by a moisture capping 100% solids penetrating epoxy. Then we prime surface followed by application of self leveling concrete. This serves as an underlayment for tile, carpet or wood flooring.
  • Self Leveling Concrete Overlays – We apply at 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick. The result is a smooth finish that can be decorated with integral color, stains and dyes. Water based sealers and urethanes can be applied to protect the surface.
  • Microtoppings – These are thin, decorative coatings applied with integral color, stains and dyes. Saw cuts can be used to design with appearance of custom tile.
  • Concrete Polishing – There are numerous options here including grind and sealed concrete or polish as high as 3,000 grit. Choose from matte to high gloss finishes.
  • Concrete Stamping – As a concrete company, we have completed projects of all sizes and finishes. Choose from broom finish or custom stone and brick patterns.

About O & E Concrete Design

O & E Concrete Design is the decorative division of Oertel Engels. We have been in business for over 40 years.

We have completed many projects throughout Fairfax County Virginia.

Washington DC Epoxy Floor

How to Restore The Shine to Polished Concrete and Epoxy Floors


Restore Shine To Decorative Concrete Floors

Polished concrete, acid stained and epoxy flooring will last indefinitely when the surface is protected.

Over the years we’ve seen countless decorative concrete floors that just look terrible when all they need is the right floor protection. When you maintain your floor properly not only do they look great but you’ll save a bundle.

What Is The Solution to Maintaining Decorative Concrete?

The answer is simple. Floor wax. But not any will work. Only high solids finishes compatible with water and solvent based sealers, epoxies and urethanes will perform.

Foot traffic and abrasive cleaners will scratch the surface. Once scratched, light reflection is minimized. Sctratches will absorb light. Dirt also is harbored in these tiny scratch marks. Additionally, use will wear down the surface sealers.

35% Solids floor wax is one of the best floor waxes on the market specifically engineered for decorative concrete, concrete polishing and epoxies.

It is a simple to apply, single component liquid that is applies with a microfiber mop. It has 35% solids which should be diluted with water to achieve a solids ranging from 15% to 27%.

You can apply 2-4 coats at a time. Since it dries quickly, you can apply additional coats without downtime.

If you have access to a high speed burnisher you will get the best results. The heat from burnishing melts and polishes the wax. This process produces an iron finish with great light reflection just like waxing a car.

This is the best product available for maintaining the beauty of a polished, decorative concrete or epoxy floor.

Other Epoxy Coatings and Repair Products

Call O & E Concrete Design for Technical support too!


  • Garage Floor Epoxy Kits
  • Crack Repair and Patch Kits
  • Industrial, Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • Novalac Epoxies
  • Coatings for Metal and Steel
  • Marine Epoxies
  • Interior and Exterior Water and Solvent Bases Sealers
  • Roof Coatings

 Where is O & E Concrete Design Located?

O & E Concrete Design is based in Ellicott City Maryland.

Concrete Polishing Contractors in New York City

Hudson Concrete Polishing New York

Paul Huneck is the founder of of Hudson Concrete Polishing. They specialize in high end flooring projects throughout Manhattan.

Hudson Concrete NYCTheir unique style and artistry is creation of natural, simple and elegant flooring. Their projects combine construction science and art in one. Though they look simple, it’s taken years of trial,error and  experimenting along with development of a style that is in huge demand.

Paul has effectively created his own product that few can replicate. Though many competitors can create gray concrete floors, few, if any, can produce the quality in demand by art galleries and owners of $30 Million dollar apartments.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Polished concrete as known by the professionals in the industry is a process of grinding and honing cement floors with heavy equipment and diamond blades. The process has been evolving with demand and competition.

The look and the shine along with coloring techniques is extremely popular for a variety of uses. At one time, it was a cost effective alternative to expensive terrazzo and high performance epoxies.

Polished concrete has a very earthly natural appearance. First popular in warehouses, it became trendly in bars, restaurants, retail stores and lofts.

Over time creative contractors started to experiment with new techniques while simultaneously demanding improved equipment and materials.

Polished Concrete New York CityNew Polished Concrete Coatings Are Developed

Not every floor is a candidate for the polish process. Frequently, cement was poured in different batches, each a little different from the next. In old buildings found in places like New York City and Boston, the concrete may be damaged, uneven or may be soft and easily scratched.

In many cases the polish process just will not produce the desired decorative or functional requirement.

To meet demand, artistic, creative contractors started experimenting with self leveling concrete and overlays to achieve the polished concrete appearance.

Paul Huneck is one of those innovators.

He used his many resources of like minded contractors from around the country, knowledge of products, tools, artistic ability, vision and science to develop floors people wanted.

The evolution continues. The photos here show the result.

New York City Concrete Polishing

Decorative Concrete Floor Polish NYC





Concrete Floor Contractors in Carroll County Maryland


Grey Metallic Epoxy Washington DC

If you have a commercial property renovation requirement in Carroll County Maryland, we can help.

We specialize in renovation projects ranging from $5,000 – $2 Million.

Full General contractor services are available to design, build and manage your entire renovation.

We can also provide you with specialized applications including the following:

Concrete Flooring, Walls and Roof Coatings

Metallic Epoxy Flor Office Space Washington DC

For Concrete Floors, Stucco and Masonry, Contact Brian of Metrocrete Design at (410) 220-6077

Concrete Flooring – Choose from moisture mitigation, polished concrete, self leveling concrete, decorative overlays and epoxy coatings.

Concrete Polishing & Shotblasting – This is a versatile process. The first step is surface preparation. This can include tile, carpet or hardwood removal. Then floors can be shotblasted or grinded to expose a new surface. Then the cement floor can be coated with topical moisture barriers or primers to prepare for a new floor.

Moisture Mitigation Systems – New concrete takes 1-2 years before moisture works it’s way out of concrete. If you have a new slab poured, a topical moisture mitigation system can be applied. This typically starts with shotblasting followed by moisture capping epoxy. Then apply a primer and self leveling concrete. Read More About Moisture Mitigation.

Self Leveling Concrete & Overlays – Self Leveling Cements provide a new surface. They are applied at 1/4 – 3/16th inch thick. Ideal for uneven surfaces or ares where high adjustments are needed. They can be colored and sealed with a decorative appearance or serve as an underlayment for tile, hardwood or carpet.

Overlays are thin cementitious coatings applied directly over concrete floors. (There are solutions that can be applied over wood). Options include polished appearance or textured. Overlays are ideal as a new canvas for a decorative final result. They can be sealed with urethanes for a durable, seamless, low maintenance result.

Encapsulating Asbestos Tile – One of the biggest issues with old buildings is the problem faced with old asbestos tile. There are solutions. Primers can be applied directly over tile. Overlays and self leveling concrete can be applied.

Interior Wall Solutions – If you’re looking for decorative solutions for interior walls, for restaurants, retail stores or office space, here are some ideas.

Roofing Contractors Carroll County MDExterior Facades – EIFS which stands for Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems are on thousands of shopping centers nationwide in all states and climates. They will transform the curb appeal of your building. EIFS can be applied over old, steel panel buildings, concrete block, cement and green board. Once the Insulation system is applied, stucco coatings are applied for a decorative appearance. View Gallery

Cultured Stone – Cultured Stone is precast concrete bricks and stone used to create curb appeal of interior and exterior walls for commercial buildings, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, office and medical buildings. Click Here for Ideas

Roofing – Need commercial roofing for your building? Let one of our pros take a look at what you need. Numerous systems are available in all sizes and functional requirements.

Choose the Right Pro for Your Commercial Building in Carroll County Maryland

We provide commercial restoration pros for your project. We serve the entire county. For information Visit Carroll County.

For Answers to Frequently Asked Building Questions about Building Codes Visit http://ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/permits/Codes.aspx