How To Recolor and Reseal Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Resealing and Recoloring MarylandO & E Concrete Design provides stamped concrete resealing, recoloring and restoration throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Rain, sun, snow and mildew will wear the seal coat on your beautiful stamped cement. To maintain that beauty we recommend a regular maintenance program every 2 years.

Sealing concrete is juts like sealing a wood deck. If you let it go, not only will the appearance deteriorate but it can result in costly and unnecessary repairs. Once the sealer wears you have lost protection. When this happens we can restore with an affordable resealing and recoloring process.

For you information, we have provided a link to two articles that you may find helpful. One is from Concrete Network, the other from Concrete Decor. The video below is well done showing the process.

Concrete Stamping – Resealing and Recoloring Resources

Article From Concrete Decor – Click Here

Article From Concrete Network – Read More 

O & E Concrete Design Local Areas We Serve in Maryland

Looking to restore your pool deck or patio. We serve residential and Commercial Customers in Maryland and Northern Virginia


Call Today – Maryland Columbia Concrete Services

Columbia Concrete MarylandIf you are located in Columbia MD looking for Concrete Services you have come to the right place.

O & E Concrete Design provides a full service including construction management, design and installation for a variety of masonry projects for commercial and residential properties.

Concrete & Masonry Services in Columbia Maryland

Concrete Stamping in Howard County MarylandMasonry Steps & Stairs – Need your concrete steps & stairs repaired or need new ones? We provide a broad range including pavers, slate, brick and more.

Concrete Driveways – Every year we fix, seal or install concrete driveways. Choose from stamping, pavers or a fresh coloring touchup with high performance sealers clear sealers.

Pool Decks – Rain, snow, sun and mildew can make your beautiful pool deck look worn and tired. We can restore to new or install with numerous options.

Landscape Lighting – Due to the high demand for outdoor living, we have expanded into installation of low voltage, exterior landscape lighting that will beautify your home for outdoor living.

Concrete At Home Maryland

Concrete at Home Maryland – Click here

Retaining Walls – Stone Wall installation plus excavating if needed to rejuvenate your exterior hardscapes. If you have moisture issues we can help with numerous solutions.

Moisture Mitigation – Over time, land movement can cause issues with water drainage. Call us to evaluate your problem and let us help you with a cost effective solution.

Waterproofing – Over time, ground water can get under your basement concrete slab or penetrate your foundation walls. Concrete waterproofing will increase the quality of air in your home avoiding mold and mildew.

Garage Floor & Basement Epoxy Coatings – We have completed hundreds of garages and basements with high performance epoxy paints and coatings. Numerous color choices available.

Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Flooring – If you have a food and beverage facility like a restaurant, cafeteria or bakery, we install high performance, hot water resistant floor coatings that will withstand high pressure washing.

Retail Store Flooring – If you have concrete floors, we have many solutions. Options include concrete polishing, acid stains, self leveling concrete and overlays.

For Commercial and Residential Property Owners in Columbia  Maryland

In addition to Columbia, Concrete Services are available throughout Howard County Maryland. Contact Us Today. Large projects, small projects, whatever you need please give us a call for a free estimate.

How To Build a Pole Barn Chicken Coop

Many of our clients in Maryland and Virginia purchase our sealers, floor paints and crack repair products for their Pole Barns.

So we thought for those of you thinking about building your own Pole Barn Chicken Coop this book we found might be just what you need. 

The countdown to savings is on now at Morton Buildings.Pole barn home design ideas, pictures, remodel and decor, “mcmanus images“the basic pole barn typically looks cheap,” zerrer says. pole barns are built without a foundation and instead have poles set in the ground and” …

How To Install Garage Floor Epoxy Paint

Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Bethesda Maryland

Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Bethesda Maryland

If you’re thinking about installing garage floor epoxy paint yourself, you may want to think twice. It looks easy. Just clean your floor and roll it on. But beware, concrete floors have issues only the pros know about.

Concrete has moisture that is emitted through the tiny airholes called capillaries that are not available to the naked eye. When concrete is curing, water works it’s way to the surface leaving behind capillaries that moisture vapor can wick through. Thin epoxy paints cannot withstand moisture vapor pressure. It’s very common that new concrete floor paint looks sensational at first, the starts to chip within a few months.

The Functional Side of Epoxy  Click Here

An epoxy floor paint will add a nice design to a drab room, but also serves a functional purpose: oil stains are easy to clean, moisture can be broom clean. The addition of decorative  paint chips hide blemishes in the floor and anti-slip makes the surface safe. In warm climates, high performance, industrial concrete floor paints protect from hot tires which can cause delamination.

DIY Epoxy Reviews

Here are a few reviews we found that may be valuable to you.

“I decided to use the Rustoleum Epoxy kit in our shipping area in 2004. I had watched the pros do our main shop area, so I knew how to do it. Pressure washed the concrete with a degreaser, worked in a dry degreaser / cleaner on the hard spots, rinsed, mild muriatic acid etch, rinse, rinse and let air dry. Coated with the Rustoleum kit.”

“Within months it was showing wear. If we drop a shipping label or a piece of clear packaging tape onto the floor, and don’t pick it up right away, but go to pull it up later, it will pull some of the coating up. We have an office chair with rollers in the shipping area as well, the area under the office chair is severely worn… almost to the bare concrete. These are light duty plastic rollers.”

This review provides more information that may help you decide whether you want to Do It Yourself Or Hire a Pro to Install a Professional Grade

“I don’t consider our shipping area severe duty, our shop is, but I would think our shipping area sees the same kind of traffic and use that a home garage or shop would. The Rustoleum product does not stand up as well as I would have liked.”

Some cases work out really well with DIY Epoxy Paint like with this review below

“I used non-flake epoxy on the floor of my two-bay garage and placed plastic interlocking tile (Raceway Tile) over that. On the stairs into the house and apron of the garage I used the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield. Those areas have held up for the last four years in the Washington, DC and Maryland Metro area.”

Serving Home Owners and Commercial Properties in Maryland and Northern Virginia

If you are in Maryland or Northern Virginia looking for a professional installer with numerous quality options, give us a call.



Decorative Concrete Floors, Walls & Patios in Bethesda MD



Concrete At Home Maryland

Concrete at Home Maryland – Click here

Pearl White Epoxy Washington DC

O & E Concrete Design provides the best decorative concrete solutions for commercial and residential properties in Bethesda Maryland located in Montgomery County.

Take a look below at a sampling of completed projects by our skilled contractors and artisans.


Our products provide a myriad of design and function solutions for just about any interior or exterior concrete floor or wall. And I might add that size is not an issue either. When a project is large or requires specialized skills, we have the unique ability to source our vast network of specialists who travel from all corners of the United States..

Concrete Wall Products

If you are looking for a masonry concrete solution to repair exterior walls, stone walls or building facades, we can provide a solution using sprayable decorative or vertical stamped overlays. Appearance is unlimited. Modern or rustic appearances can be crafted.

Finishes include faux plaster, wall panels, fire places and surrounds.

We have restored properties for real estate investors and developers as well as restaurants, showrooms, offices, hotels, resorts and luxury homes.

Decorative Concrete Floors

Concrete Polishing Guide

Guide to Polished Concrete Click Here

What do you need? The beauty of our products is that whatever you need, can be created.

Luxury Homes – Popular options include high performance epoxy coatings for garages, stained concrete for basements, stamped concrete patios and pool decks. Even waterproofing.

Restaurants – Take your pick. Commercial kitchen epoxy coatings that withstand high pressure hot water cleaning. Architectural metallic epoxy for dining areas plus custom concrete floors that can look like tile in bathrooms or entrance foyers.

Office Building Floors -Need an underlayment for tile or carpet, no problem. Maybe just a grind and seal finish. We can create the appearance of custom tile or a seamless surface with the popular polished concrete look that is taking the country by storm.

Warehouses – Looking for a high performance, seamless system to withstand daily forklift traffic? We’ve completed projects from 1,000 – 100,000 square feet and more. Decorative flake and colored quartz systems available.

Concrete Floor Overlays Maryland

Concrete Floor Overlays Maryland – Click Image

Healthcare – Moisture mitigation for concrete floors is a large part of our business nationwide. Moisture systems that reduce and eliminate the potential of bacteria buildup are imperative for maintaining healthy, germ free environments.

Concrete Repair and Maintenance Products – If you need sealers, wax coats or other repair products to apply yourself or for your maintenance team contact us today for a complete list and pricing. We have an extensive inventory of products that are used by professionals nationwide.

Decorative Concrete Solutions in Montgomery County Maryland

If you are looking to restore or repair the interior or exterior of your commercial property or luxury home in the Bethesda Maryland local area, contact us today.

We provide free estimates and technical support.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Bethesda Maryland

Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Bethesda Maryland


How to Get Epoxy Floor Coating Leads

Contact Ed Winslow of Metrocrete at 203-762-1366 or Click Here For More Details

Metallic Epoxy Washington DC

If you’re a concrete contractor looking to earn $50,000 – $500,000 per year and need a steady flow of high quality projects, we can provide you with epoxy flooring leads throughout the United States and Canada.

We started out as decorative concrete and epoxy flooring contractors. Over 20 years we completed projects ranging from $2,500.00 – $250,000.00. Today, we help concrete contractors build Million Dollar businesses.

Projects cover the full range of types including retail stores, restaurants, office space, warehouses, pharmaceutical facilities, luxury homes, basements and garage floors.

Make $100,000 – $500,000 Per Year In Decorative Concrete Flooring

free epoxy leads We only work with decorative concrete and epoxy coating professionals who are serious about their profession who want to build a highly profitable, sustainable business.

The contractors we work with are very specialized. They specialize in defined geographic areas. No matter what part of the country you are in, when you build your business the right way based on a proven strategy you can easily make $100,000 per year or more. The key is a steady flow of profitable customers.

The sweet spot are projects ranging from 1,000 – 5,000 SF. 100,000 SF and larger projects we provide to our clients are not uncommon.

Nationwide Leads

Our business model works very similar to the commercial real estate industry like CBRE or Cushman & Wakefield. We are working with national companies, retailers and franchises with national requirements.

We attend trade shows like the International Council of Shopping Centers. Pinks works with local and national companies to help them solve their concrete flooring requirements in local markets nationwide.

Epoxy leads for office building floorsType of  Concrete Flooring Leads

Our network of contractors include the following specialties

  • Epoxy Flooring – Commercial, industrial and Residential
  • Skim Coats
  • Acid Stains and Dyes
  • Self Leveling Concrete
  • Polished Concrete
  • Concrete Stamping

Sample Leads That Converted to Projects
How to get free epoxy leadsBelow is a sampling of completed projects and the calibre of leads you can expect.

  • NYC – 85,000 SF Office Space
  • NYC – Retail Store – Fifth Avenue
  • Stamford CT – 6,000 SF Restaurant
  • Wilton CT – 5,000 SF Veterinarian Clinic
  • Casino – 12,000 SF Retail, Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen
  • Boston – 1,500 SF Loft Apartment
  • Boston – 2,500 SF Restaurant
  • Easton Ma. – 8,000 SF Grocery Store
  • Maryland – 300,000 SF Warehouse
  • Maryland – 3,500 SF Residential Garage
  • Maryland – 2,000 High End Salon
  • Miami – 4,000 Auto Showroom
  • Miami – 2,000 SF Retail Store
  • Chicago – 5,000 SF Warehouse
  • Denver- 20,000 SF Sports Facility
  • Wisconsin – 3,500 Single Tenant Retail
  • New Jersey – 1,500 SF Retail Store
  • New Jersey – 1,200 SF Commercial Kitchen
  • Portland Oregon – 12,000 Auto Facility
  • Washington State – 8,000 SF Food Processing
  • California – 15,000 SF Airplane Hangar
  • San Diego – 800 SF Garage

How We Work – The Metrocrete Business Model

Epoxy Leads for Retail StoresWe get the leads and filter out the garbage, the non profitable, small tire kickers. When we give you the lead, it is highly qualified.  We know the problem and the solution the client wants and needs. We know the clients budget and pricing.

As a contractor, your job is to build your business with a steady flow of new projects. You DO NOT need to worry about missing leads, qualifying them, giving proposals and following up. We do that for you.

The leads are free. But we do expect to get pad a nominal amount if it’s a paid project. We don’t just get leads and charge you whether it’s a real lead or not.

We only work with 1 contractor in a target market. We know how many leads and completed projects there are in target geographic areas.

Our free epoxy lead generation program is based on geographic specialization. Too many times we see contractors driving 1. 2 or 3 hours, bringing the crew, staying in hotels to do a 20,000 job when there are 4 highly profitable 5,000 square foot jobs in your backyard.

Providing Financial Analysis of Your Epoxy Market and Your Business

Epoxy Leads for Garage FloorsWhen we work with clients, we analyze their market and capability.

For example, one of our clients is a concrete contractor with a crew of 2 guys. He was doing every type of job possible, epoxies, skim coats, countertops, concrete stamping. He would drive everywhere to get any project he could. He was not in control of his business, his clients were.

The worse part was his business was feast or famine. He’d get a nice project or 2, then nothing. He always felt busy. At the end of the year he discovered he had not made any money. He always felt he was close to sustainable success but it never happened.

We analyzed the market finding there was enough business in a 45 minute radius. This year his small business is on track to generate $850,000.00.

The goal is to control your market. Become the branded specialist. The key ingredient is a constant flow of highly qualified leads.

Where Are The Flooring Markets?

Every market is a bit different. In high density areas you may only need to focus on 1 county or even a few towns. In big cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco targeting specific neighborhoods might be all you need.

We analyze your local market to determine the size of the geographic area that will generate the amount of projects that fit your capability and long term growth potential.

We know how to get the leads and qualify them so you get the exact projects to build you business.

We Know What Works

Pinks Concrete Crack Repair MarylandWe can help you monitor your business . With a network of national professionals, we know what works and what doesn’t. If your profits are not consistent, we will help you figure out why.

Maybe your market needs to be expanded. Maybe you mis-priced a few projects.

We Profit ONLY When You Profit

In any given market we get 20-60 leads per month. We filter through the leads and provide you with the best. There is no cost to you for the lead, they’re free. Only if you get the project do you pay us.

Other Income Streams for You

You need to build a epoxy flooring business that you can run for the long term. If you are doing all the work, your income is limited. We help you build your business so it runs without you. That’s not to say you can sit on the beach while the income flows in.

We’ll help you run your business, not work for it.

Interested? There is no obligation. Contact 203-762-1366 to see if you qualify.

Epoxy floor coating leads

Cement Contractors Washington, DC

Cement Contractors Washington, DCCement Contractors – The Pioneers of Capitalism

Cement contractors more than two thousand years in the past in Italy, noticed that combining lime with ash and water, they were able to make a substance with incredible strength and mold ability.  Volcanoes produced ash that was a byproduct  of extraordinarily scorching lava which when combined with lime created  concrete. Then, known as master builders, cement contractors tried out the unimaginable substance. They had been in a position to construct buildings that go towards all modern techniques.

The constructions enabled the master builders to build cities. They built aqueducts that introduced fresh water from the mountains to the cities in abundance. Rome was developed into the leaders of the world as a consequence of their superb structures.. Individuals were able to build colleges, develop into educated, businesses have been shaped and the nation prospered.

The military was formed and their government enlarged.. Till their authorities taxed prosperity away, Rome was the chief of the world because of advancements in using concrete.

After the fall of the Roman Empire the usage of concrete trickled to a crawl for almost 1,400 years and started to be used again in varied areas around the globe within the 1,700’s and 1,800’s. Slowly, cement contractors began utilizing concrete again to build buildings, new cities have been formed.

Cement Contractors New Techniques

In the past 150 years cement contractors started utilizing this amazing material again to build buildings, bridges and highways. Building led to the development of cities and an unprecedented period of growth. Thanks to cement contractors, capitalism had begun to rise.. Without these development entrepreneurs we wouldn’t be the place we’re today.

Cement contractors have developed new products and strategies because the net has change into a more publicly accessed tool.. The list of recent developments in the use of concrete is vast. Capitalism is on the rise as a result. Creative individuals have been capable of convey their ideas together and share info because of the web. . New merchandise have been created, new gear developed, new firms shaped to profit utilizing concrete in new ways. Shoppers are benefiting, opportunities are being created.

Decorative Cement Contractors: Beauty Meets Strength

Cement ContractorsDecorative cement contractors have made immense artistic advancements.. Just log on and seek for decorative concrete. It’s everywhere. Epoxy coatings and polished concrete are in industrial buildings, retail shops, eating places and office buildings. It’s even found it’s method into the houses of among the costliest residential actual property in major cities like NYC, London and Hong Kong.

Cement contractors are building parts akin to counter tops, sinks and furnishings with light-weight cement products with energy exceeding the durability of different products. In actual fact, at the moment anything that can be constructed, will be built with concrete. Companies have developed cementitious products which might be being molded into decorative buildings with strength rivaling steel.

Cement contractors say that concrete is not just for sidewalks and foundations any longer..  As the alternatives to revenue are available, products will proceed to improve. New equipment is to be made to permit for simpler, faster ways to use the new products.. Simply as cement contractors capitalized over 2,000 years in the past and improved the world with this superb product, history will repeat itself. New innovations will spur entrepreneurs to create new companies. New products will flourish.

The one factor that may impede new developments by cement contractors is similar that introduced down Rome 1,600 years in the past and that’s government intervention and excessive taxes that thwart human ingenuity and motivation.

Cement Contractors Local Areas We Serve:

Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Washington DC, Maryland



Concrete Contractors Baltimore MD

Concrete Contractors – The Pioneers of CapitalismConcrete Contractors Baltimore MD

Concrete contractors more than two thousand years ago in Italy, noticed that combining lime with ash and water, they were able to make a substance with incredible power and shaping capabilities.  Volcanoes produced ash that was a byproduct  of extremely scorching lava which when mixed with lime created  concrete. As the concrete contractors, referred to as master builders, experimented with this amazing product, they were capable of construct buildings that defy modern constructing practices.

The buildings enabled the master builders to build cities. They constructed aqueducts that introduced fresh water from the mountains to the cities in abundance. Rome was developed into the leaders of the world resulting from their superb structures.. Folks were in a position to construct faculties, turn into educated, businesses were fashioned and the country prospered. The military was fashioned and their authorities enlarged.. Until their government taxed prosperity away, Rome was the leader of the world due to advancements in using concrete.

After the fall of the Roman Empire using concrete trickled to a crawl for almost 1,400 years and started for use again in numerous areas around the globe within the 1,700’s and 1,800’s. Slowly, concrete contractors began using concrete again to build structures, new cities were formed.

This unbelievable substance has been used to make bridges, buildings, and highways for the final one hundred fifty years.. Constructing led to the development of cities and an unprecedented interval of growth. Thanks to concrete contractors, capitalism had begun to rise.. Without these building entrepreneurs we wouldn’t be the place we are today.

Since the web went mainstream, there has been enormous development of latest products and methods of use by concrete contractors. The checklist of recent developments in the use of concrete is vast. Capitalism is on the rise as a result. Creative people have been capable of bring their ideas collectively and share information because of the web. . New merchandise have been created, new gear developed, new corporations fashioned to revenue utilizing concrete in new ways. Customers are benefiting, opportunities are being created.

Concrete Contractors Baltimore MDConcrete Contractors of Today

Decorative concrete contractors have made immense artistic advancements.. Just go online and seek for decorative concrete. It’s everywhere. Epoxy coatings and polished concrete are in industrial buildings, retail stores, eating places and office buildings. Some of the most expensive homes and buildings in NYC, London, and Hong Kong have ornamental concrete..

Concrete contractors are building parts comparable to countertops, sinks and furnishings with lightweight cement products with power exceeding the durability of different products. In actual fact, at this time something that can be built, might be constructed with concrete. Companies have developed cementitious products which are being molded into ornamental structures with energy rivaling steel.

Concrete contractors say that concrete is not only for sidewalks and foundations any longer..  As the opportunities to profit can be found, merchandise will continue to improve. New equipment might be designed and constructed to make it easier and quicker to make use of the new products. Simply as concrete contractors capitalized over 2,000 years ago and improved the world with this amazing product, historical past will repeat itself. New innovations will spur entrepreneurs to create new companies. New merchandise will flourish for concrete contractors.

The only thing that can impede new developments by concrete contractors is the same that brought down Rome 1,600 years in the past and that is government intervention and excessive taxes that thwart human ingenuity and motivation.

Local Areas and Places We Serve:

Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Carroll County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Washington DC, Maryland

Concrete Contractor in Westminster, MD

Concrete ContractorConcrete Contractor in Maryland Designing Driveways

Driveways are exposed to the elements harsh temperatures and heavy tire traffic. Most people choose to pave them which must be done multiple times over the years to keep it functional and appealing. Now most people are turning to other driveway options which are more decorative. Having a decorative concrete driveway provides a beautiful option to pull together your homes theme. Our concrete contractors have over 20 years of experience in working with decorative concrete.

Concrete Contractor Creating Custom Driveways

If you are creating a new concrete driveway or restoring a new driveway decorative concrete is becoming a popular options. The appealing part of decorative concrete is your not limited to gray or black for color options. Mixing colors with concrete and create a custom look that matches the theme of your home. Another attractive feature of decorative concrete is it’s durability, strength and longevity. Our concrete contractors are knowledgeable of all steps in the concrete process which is essential to having a beautiful, durable decorative concrete driveway that will hold up over time.  Our concrete contractor uses the highest quality products and provides impeccable customer service.

Concrete Contractor Stamped Concrete

Our concrete contractor delivers amazing stamped concrete designs for your driveway. Stamped concrete has the ability to imitate many popular surfaces. Whether you want a natural stone look, brick, or cobblestone we can make it happen. We can also mix a Concrete Contractorvariety of colors to create a custom look that can match your home and tie together an overall theme. The outcome is a beautiful driveway that is functional and durable that will remain looking great over the years. Our concrete contractor can provide you with the driveway you want and need.

Concrete Contractor Local Areas We Serve

Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Carroll County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Washington DC, Maryland


Concrete Contractor Ellicott City, MD

Concrete ContractorConcrete Contractor Creating Custom Countertops and Sinks

The attractive quality about concrete is that is it a versatile medium that can be handcrafted and constructed to form magnificent custom countertops and sinks. Concrete additionally has the durable quality to face up to harsh chemical compounds but staying low maintenance. When you think about the color options it is virtually limitless. A nice strategy to continue a theme throughout your home is to take choose a custom creation in the form of a concrete sink or countertop. Our concrete contractor has expertise and experience in custom concrete projects.

Concrete Contractor Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

A concrete contractor knows that bathrooms and kitchens are two areas of the home that see a good amount of site visitors  and are generally cleaned with powerful chemicals. For normal countertops some of these exposures after some time will contribute to the damage and destruction of  your sinks and countertops. This will eventually take away from its capability to withstand the tests of time and lose its appeal.

What most people who are remodeling their kitchens or  entering new construction projects they often discover two important things. A concrete contractor can construct unbelievable custom sinks or countertops. Also that they have the flexibility to last longer and better than other sink or countertop options.

So when you’re contemplating what sorts of countertops or sinks you would like to install in your kitchen or bathroom  you shouldConcrete Contractor meet with our concrete contractor. Our concrete contractor might help you choose from quite a few design color choices and quite a few shapes and sizes.

Especially in an space that sees quite a lot of traffic from company use a durable, strong, dependable, and long lasting surface that could possibly be cost efficient. Our fields of remodeling are usually not limited to sinks and countertops but our concrete contractor additionally focus on; Decorative Concrete Contractors, Epoxy Installers, Epoxy Removing, Concrete Flooring Coatings, Self Leveling Concrete, Polished Concrete, Concrete Grinding.

Concrete Contractor Local Areas We Serve

Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Carroll County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, Washington DC, Maryland

Stamped Concrete Sealers For Pool Decks, Patios and Driveways

Stamped Concrete Sealers for Pool Decks, Patios and Driveways

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks, Patios, Driveways

Stamped Concrete Sealers in Maryland

Sealers for Stamped Concrete wear down just like on wood decks. Rain, snow, sun, foot traffic all have a deteriorating effect. With regular maintenance and reapplication of 1-2 new seal coats every few years and your stamped concrete surface will maintain that new look and restore the color.

If your deck, walkway or driveway is not recoated every few years it will expose your concrete to the elements. Once that happens the surface will look dirty and start absorbing mold and mildew. If your surface looks black this is why. Concrete is a porous material. When not protected, it just doesn’t look good. Now you have a restoration project. The good news, though more costly then a clean and reseal, your surface can be restored like new.

In fact, we can change the color of your stamped concrete if needed. Your surface is gray? We can turn it into a natural brown earth tone shade. Tired of brown? We can transform into  gray. There are many options for maintaining or restoring your stamped concrete pool deck, patio or driveway.

The best first step is to give us a call and explain the history of your stamped concrete. What is the size, color, pattern and last time it was sealed?

If you have photos you can send us that will be helpful. We can generally give you an approximate price over the phone but there is no substitute for actually seeing and examining the surface.

In many cases we can clean and reseal in 1 day. You can use the following day but we do recommend a full day to cure for stamped concrete sealers for pool decks, patios and driveways. The best long term solution is proper maintenance. Typically new seal coats should be applied every 2-3 years.

Stamped Concrete Sealers – Local Areas We Serve

We serve clients in Carroll County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Harford County and Anne Arundel County.

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks, Patios, Driveways

Remodeling Restaurants in Maryland With Decorative Concrete

Grey Metallic Epoxy Washington DC

Remodeling Restaurants With Decorative Concrete

It’s been said that anything that can be made, can be made better with concrete. When remodeling restaurants this is true. Restaurants are where decorative concrete shows it’s true potential for function and design.

Let’s start in the kitchen. Commercial kitchens get tremendous abuse. Hot grease, abrasive foot traffic, oil, alcohol, coffee, soda are all ingredients that stain and are hard to clean. Add gravity, feet that track these by products everywhere and you have a challenging floor issue.

Epoxy coatings are the best solution for commercial kitchens when remodeling restaurants. They are durable, non slip and seamless. They can withstand excessive harsh cleaners. They can be waxed and recoated and buffed with high speed burnishers. Cove moldings can be added around all vertical areas and coated with epoxy. This makes for a seamless pan floor that can be excessively washed without getting under the walls which will cause mold, bacteria build and an expensive shut down by the board of health.

Epoxies come in many colors with decorative chips or quartz that make them an attractive flooring solution for remodeling restaurants.  High build epoxy coatings are a function and design solution for commercial kitchens.

Bathrooms take a beating like with commercial kitchens. Epoxies are a great solution in bathrooms but there are options. There are complete epoxy systems or decorative concrete overlays that can be sealed with clear epoxy sealers and polyaspartics that wear like iron while enhancing decorative overlays.

Dining areas require the design, function solution with additional options. There is concrete polishing, self leveling concrete and various thin skim coats that can be customized when remodeling restaurants to create any design option you can imagine. They can be cut into tile designs with the natural appearance of polished concrete or textured like stone.

There are thin overlays that can be stamped with texture maps, colored to look like bluestone, slate or any natural stone, then saw cut patterns will make the floor look like slabs of granite.

Remodeling Restaurants With Concrete Bar Tops, Tables and Vessel Sinks

In addition to remodeling restaurants with decorative concrete floors, you have unlimited options with bar tops, sinks and tables. Use your imagination and I’m sure you can come up with more. Bar tops have been built with glass inlays, pieces of copper, tile, and machine parts. Anything you can imagine can be imbedded into concrete.

Countertops and bar tops can be stained in natural earth tones or with bright colored dyes. Using different colored concrete mixed together can create a custom marble appearance. Remodeling restaurants bar tops is a great marketing strategy. Your customers will always know your place as the one with the concrete bar top.

Looking to continue your theme with a unique appearance and you can have custom sinks made for the bathrooms.  The cost may be more then stock fixtures but the return on the investment can be extraordinary for the marketing benefit.

The same holds true with tables. When you’re looking to create a unique image, no product can match the unique curb appeal created with decorative concrete. Remodeling restaurants with decorative concrete is a great investment.

Remodeling Restaurants With Decorative Concrete – Areas We Serve

We provide decorative concrete for remodeling restaurants throughout Maryland in Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County, Howard County, Anne Arundal County, Prince George’s County, Washington DC and more.

Contact us for a free consultation for remodeling restaurants in Maryland.


Renovating Office Space in Maryland

Renovating Office Space Floors in Maryland

Renovating Office Space in MarylandJust about every floor of every building in Maryland has a floor with problems. O & E Concrete Design coatings have been developed to offer options to lots of problems when it comes to renovating office space in Maryland.

We now have four overlays that can be used and utilized to resolve many issues. Here are just a few examples for renovating office space in Maryland.

  • Uneven Flooring – Buildings move, floors shift. Flat surfaces turn out to be uneven. Our Param 5500 self-leveling concrete could be utilized as much as a 1/2 inch thick to create a smooth even surface when renovating office space in Maryland. You possibly can then apply carpet, tile, hardwood or the self-leveler can become a decorative wear floor like in the photos here.
  • Cracked and Damaged Concrete – Cracks and damaged areas can be filled with anything and the contractor may get away with it. However there are crack fillers that work for repairs and plenty of do not. Just because the label says “crack restore” doesn’t mean it works. Our restore epoxies and polyaspartics cure properly and adhere with our overlayments. All too often we are called in when someone used the incorrect repair products which did not adhere to the overlays while renovating office space in Maryland. Frequently we’ll find that restore products are still moist and soft. They never cured, causing the floors to fail and an expensive and inconvenient repair.
  • Asbestos Tile – Our non prep primer has been effectively used over current tile nationwide. One of the distinctive characteristics ease of application and unique bonding characteristics. This feature avoids the problem of a coating shrinking and pulling tile with it.
  • Epoxy Coatings – We have an extensive line of epoxies for many completely different uses from utilitarian grey industrial to extremely decorative metallic finishes. These coatings have been used for renovating office space in Maryland and nationwide.

Each of our products supplies a function and design resolution for renovating office space in Maryland. The primary issues our products solve are related to concrete, but our contractor clients have used Duraamen products over wood, tile and VCT with great success.

Renovating Office Space in Maryland – Areas We Serve

We service Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Carroll County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County and Prince George’s County, Maryland as well as Washington DC. Our warehouse is conveniently located in Ellicott City, Maryland. We maintain a big stock accessible with most products for renovating office space in Maryland shipped the same or next day. In the event you plan on picking up products early or after hours please contact us to let us know when you’re coming. For large orders and deliveries, contact us in advance.

Renovating Office Space in Maryland: Products & Pricing Contact

We provide a full range of decorative concrete flooring options for office space in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Give us a call to discuss your situation. We can assist you with the appropriate system and the specialist who can install it.

Epoxy Installers in Maryland

Epoxy installers in Maryland: Duraamen products

Garage Floor Epoxy Washington DC

Simply because you can buy epoxy products at the local paint store doesn’t mean it’s the best product for anyone with a roller and squeegee who thinks they can apply it with out failure. In truth, many clients come to us for a solution after a coating was improperly previously installed and starts chipping or peeling off the floor. Finding epoxy installers in Maryland is the first step in correcting your flooring situation.

Concrete is an amazing product. It’s tough like granite, yet it is still porous. Moisture vapor which is invisible to a regular person’s eye, pushes upwards with intense force by tiny air holes. The strain may be too much, substantial enough to trigger epoxies to peel off the floor. Finding epoxy installers in Maryland lets you rest easily, knowing that this won’t happen to you.

Solutions for Epoxy Installers in Maryland

There are solutions. First, not all epoxies are the same. There are a lot of mixtures engineered for different uses and circumstances. We have now, a moisture vapor barrier applied to floors with extreme moisture pressure. We now have self leveling coatings that are perfect for business kitchens and large visitors areas. We have coatings for storage flooring and metallics used in restaurants, retail stores and houses when ornamental flooring is required.

The amazing epoxy system applied correctly will perform for many years to come, while maintaining its beauty and durability. If you’re on the lookout for epoxy installers in Maryland or anywhere on the east coast, please contact us. We are able to assist you in establishing a suitable system for your needs and epoxy installers in Maryland who will work diligently on your project.

We serve commercial and residential customers in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Self Leveling Concrete For Office Space Maryland

Self Leveling Cement Floor Maryland

Decorative Epoxy Concrete Washington DC

Modern Concrete Floor Washington DC

Basement floor concrete Washington DC


Pool Deck Installers in Maryland

Stamped Concrete Patio Washington DC, Maryland

Pool Deck Installers in Ellicott City Maryland

Artistic concrete design for interiors and exteriors is our business. The photos of the pool deck featured here tells part of the story. Anything can be designed and built using decorative concrete. What we offer is not just the construction and design of your pool deck but an overall balance of function and design.

The design featured here is a combination of stains and dyes with decorative graphics making this a one of a kind project. However the design flows naturally with the home and property.  As decorative concrete artists, that’s what we provide to our residential and commercial customers.

In addition to creating sensational pool decks, we are outdoor kitchen builders as well. We can design and build the entire project including decorative landscape lighting while working in conjunction with your landscape team.

Exterior Elements

Pool Deck Installers in MarylandAlong with you decorative pool deck, we can provide you with custom concrete countertops, sinks and landscape accessories such as benches, tables and tile. The options are endless. In fact , we can even design and build tables with speakers and lighting built in making for an extraordinary outdoor living experience. The concrete box built here is part of 8 that surround a patio and pool deck. They are approximately 2 foot cubes with speakers and lighting. The sound projects clearly off the hard concrete surface while the lighting is controlled on dimmers.

The cubes match the outdoor kitchen counter top which is 4 inches thick. The concrete countertop is a natural with the granite fireplace.

The beauty of concrete is that it can be shaped and molded into anything you desire.

Pool Deck Installers in Maryland- Areas We Serve

We are based in Ellicott City Maryland and provide interior and exterior artistic concrete and pool deck services to residential and commercial customers in Baltimore County, Harford and Carrol Counties, Montgomery and Howard County.

Pool Deck Installers in Maryland  Pool Deck Installers in Maryland

Decorative Concrete Floor Contractors in Baltimore County Maryland

Decorative Concrete Floor Contractors – Pinks Concrete Design

The photos here show a 600 square foot basement flooring project we completed in  Baltimore County Maryland in a residential home.

The home owner was looking for a solution that would be functional without damage from moisture common in most basements. The solution was a new decorative concrete overlays which we installed in just a few days.

The process was to remove the preexisting carpet, prep the floor by removing carpet glue and prime the surface with a liquid polymer. Then we applied a decorative concrete floor product manufactured by Duraamen Engineered Products called Sgraffino. This is a specialized cement product that has been refined and mixed in 5 gallon buckets. Each 5 galloong bucket will cover approximately 250 square feet. It comes in base colors of white or gray and is typically colored with pigments while mixing.

It is applied in thin coats resulting in a slightly textured sandstone finish. We typically apply two – three coats. Once Sgraffino dries, we will apply layers of stains and dyes to produce a mottled, natural appearance. The final steps are application of water based sealers with low odor and non slip performance.

This decorative concrete floor system will allow for moisture vapor from below the concrete slab to wick through the surface without damage. This is what we call a breathable surface. You can use area rugs placed randomly which will add to the design while also adding warmth. If they get damaged by moisture they can be discarded while the decorative concrete floor stays intact.

Decorative Concrete Floor Contractors – Local Areas We Serve

We are based in  Maryland and serve clients in Baltimore County, Anne Arundel, Carroll County, Howard and Harford Counties and others throughout the state.

We install artistic decorative concrete floors, countertops, sinks and specialty items for gardens, patios, retail stores, restaurants, schools and universities.



Epoxy Floors and Decorative Concrete For Garages and Basements in Maryland

Epoxy Floors and Decorative Concrete For Garages and Basements

Basement floor concrete Washington DC

Did you know that old existing concrete floors can be upgraded to look brand new? Many types of epoxy floors and decorative concrete for garages and basements are now in style. There are a variety of companies who are now in the business of addressing residential areas, some of which specializing in basement and garage floors – two places with heavy traffic in the home.

The surface can be greatly enhanced with epoxy floors, adding both beauty and value to any home. These options include a change in color, texture, resurfacing or perhaps an overlay, intended to breathe new life into this area. For areas that see a lot of traffic, such as the garage floor, there are new epoxy floors coatings that provide a great deal of options when it comes to resurfacing this space. Not only do the epoxy floors protect the base concrete itself, but has a number of colors to choose from that all provide an additional barrier to the most common agents of wear: dirt, chemicals, and family vehicles.

Most epoxy floors come with several options for the homeowner to choose from and the color can be tested in a small area before proceeding with the entire concrete pad. Epoxy floors are an extremely inexpensive way to give a plain slab an entirely new facelift instead of breaking up the entire floor and pouring a brand new surface.

Epoxy floors and decorative concrete for garages and basements are an easy choice. Most of the time, a simple surface prep is enough to prepare the cement for its new finish. However, sometimes the pad isn’t entirely level and has to be either built up or ground down in certain locations in order to apply the new treatment.

Decorative ConcreteWhile a color change might be the only thing desired, other options for epoxy floors that can be completed simultaneously include stampings, overlays or sealer coatings. All of them can be customized according to the home’s decor or to the whims of the client. Another popular option is an overlay and this actually adds about 1/4 inch of thickness to most floors. It can also be used in conjunction with other options including acid stains, stencils and texturing to create a very unique appearance.

If the concrete is in good shape, a most viable method is to make use of acid stain to provide a different shade of coloration. There are a multitude of colors in this alternative as well, with such exotic sounding names as gold rush and palm green for home owner to select their favorite. The possibilities are almost boundless for this once unattractive and forgotten floor type. It doesn’t have to be drab and gray anymore with a new finish applied along with the proper coloration.

This not only creates a new look for your home, but creates value as well.

Epoxy Floors in Maryland – Areas We Serve

We are based in Maryland. We install epoxy floors in the following Counties. Baltimore, Howard, Harford, Montgomery, Prince George’s and Anne Arundel

Decorative Concrete Ellicott City Maryland

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings in Maryland

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings in Maryland

Industrial Concrete Floor CoatingsConcrete is highly durable flooring, making it an excellent choice for commercial floors. The ability to finish it with aesthetically pleasing pattern and glossy shine makes it a great choice for interior applications and public areas. If you are considering using industrial concrete floor coatings for your business, here are some of the impressive options you have to choose from.

Protective coatings will protect your industrial floor. The coatings can be finished to mimic the luxurious look of marble, tile or granite, allowing you to enjoy the great appearance without having to worry about any of the maintenance issues. The overlays can be up to one eighth of an inch thick for an incredible level of protection. A primer is typically used, along with a second coat and a fine top coat.

You can make your commercial floors safer by choosing an epoxy coating. Highly advanced systems, they are fused into the industrial concrete floor coatings to form a dense, permanent bond. An excellent method of restoring existing industrial concrete floor coatings, you can choose between hundreds of different colors and patterns. Customized graphics can also be imbedded in the layers for an impressive look that will please your employees and customers.

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

Stamped Concrete
A beautiful choice for exterior concrete surfaces, stamped concrete brings beauty to any area. Choose from a variety of textures and patterns to create the look of a cobblestones, natural stones, bricks or slate. The concrete can be colored integrally, allowing you to create the perfect, custom look for your industrial concrete floor coatings.

Industrial Concrete Floor CoatingConcrete surfaces that are in good condition can be polished and treated with dyes to change the color. Concrete that has damage can be treated with self-leveling concrete to smooth out uneven areas and create an attractive surface. In addition to having the industrial concrete floor coatings polished and stained, materials like colored glass can be added to the flooring for a unique and impressive look.

Polished concrete offers several advantages as an industrial floor. Unlike wood or linoleum floors, polished industrial concrete floor coatings will not scratch. It will not tear or crack the way carpet and tile can. Staining is not a problem because there are no cracks or crevices where dirt and bacteria can hide. The floors are easy to clean and they do not require any special cleaners. The treatments also dry quickly so industrial concrete floor coatings can be walked on immediately after polishing.

Take your industrial floor to the next level by choosing concrete. You can choose from hundreds of colors and designs to create an impressive custom industrial concrete floor coatings finish. Different gloss levels are available for the finish of the floors. With the use of saw cuts, graphics, and spectacular custom engraving, you can create any pattern from basic and understated to highly detailed, intricate artwork.

About O & E Concrete Design of Ellicott City Maryland

O & E Concrete Design is the decorative flooring division of Oertel Engels. Oertel Engels is a concrete company in business for over 40 years. Serving commercial and reidential customers throughout Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

Stamped Concrete Patios in Baltimore County Maryland

Stamped Concrete Patio Washington DC, Maryland

Stamped Concrete Patios

The most versatile building material for exterior patios, pool decks, walkways and driveways are stamped concrete surfaces. Color and design are unlimited. Design and color can be matched to any decor from a classic Maryland home to ornate designs you will find at Disney World or a Las Vegas Hotel.

Typical designs are cobblestone, random stone, ashlar slate and numerous brick patterns. By working with color hardners and concrete stains, your new surface will look as natural as granite and stone.

We can imprint custom designs, borders and even color individual stones and bricks to create any look imaginable including an antiqued appearance.

Vertical surfaces can also be stamped. This opens up the opportunity for matching steps and stairs to your new stamped concrete patios, walkways or pool deck.

Stamped Concrete Patios and Pool Copings

We pour new concrete and provide stamping plus custom pool copings.

Concrete as you know is extremely durable and non slip. It is advisable to have your surfaces sealed every few years. Along with sealer application, we can add non slip additives to ensure your pool deck or patio is safe and always looking great.

We are located in Baltimore County with projects completed state wide. We look forward to hearing from you.

Concrete Stamping Washington DC