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Paul Huneck is the founder of of Hudson Concrete Polishing. They specialize in high end flooring projects throughout Manhattan.

Hudson Concrete NYCTheir unique style and artistry is creation of natural, simple and elegant flooring. Their projects combine construction science and art in one. Though they look simple, it’s taken years of trial,error and ¬†experimenting¬†along with development of a style that is in huge demand.

Paul has effectively created his own product that few can replicate. Though many competitors can create gray concrete floors, few, if any, can produce the quality in demand by art galleries and owners of $30 Million dollar apartments.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Polished concrete as known by the professionals in the industry is a process of grinding and honing cement floors with heavy equipment and diamond blades. The process has been evolving with demand and competition.

The look and the shine along with coloring techniques is extremely popular for a variety of uses. At one time, it was a cost effective alternative to expensive terrazzo and high performance epoxies.

Polished concrete has a very earthly natural appearance. First popular in warehouses, it became trendly in bars, restaurants, retail stores and lofts.

Over time creative contractors started to experiment with new techniques while simultaneously demanding improved equipment and materials.

Polished Concrete New York CityNew Polished Concrete Coatings Are Developed

Not every floor is a candidate for the polish process. Frequently, cement was poured in different batches, each a little different from the next. In old buildings found in places like New York City and Boston, the concrete may be damaged, uneven or may be soft and easily scratched.

In many cases the polish process just will not produce the desired decorative or functional requirement.

To meet demand, artistic, creative contractors started experimenting with self leveling concrete and overlays to achieve the polished concrete appearance.

Paul Huneck is one of those innovators.

He used his many resources of like minded contractors from around the country, knowledge of products, tools, artistic ability, vision and science to develop floors people wanted.

The evolution continues. The photos here show the result.

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