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What exactly is concrete polishing?

The process includes grinding and honing existing cement surfaces until the level of shine is achieved. Mid way through the project, a liquid hardener is applied to densify the concrete. This increases the surface area to polish which yields the desired level of shine.

This is achieved with heavy equipment, diamond polishing blades and a high powered industrial vacuum component. Pricing varies depending on size of floor and other factors from $.00 – $7.00 Per Square Foot but can easily jump to $10.00 -$12.00 for decorative flooring projects.

Concrete Polishing York PennsylvaniaNot every floor is a candidate for a polished cement floor. Frequently there are more appropriate options that solve functional and design options along with a natural decorative appearance.

All the systems listed here have diverse features and benefits. They’re durable, water resistant, seamless and low maintenance. They limit and prevent mold and bacteria growth plus unlimited decorative options.

Polished Flooring Options

Moisture Mitigation – New concrete or ones with moisture vapor issues may need a moisture mitigation system. Topical moisture epoxies can be applied then resurfaced with self leveling cement. Once this system is installed the floor can be sealed with a nice shine. Read More

Concrete Overlays – These systems can be applied directly on your cement floor. They are applied from 1/16th – 3/16th inch thick. You can choose unlimited colors then seal the surface for long term protection with minimal maintenance. These are popular in retail stores, restaurants and offices nationwide.

Epoxy Coatings – Choose from inexpensive floor paint to chemical resistant epoxy coatings. Numerous colors available with choice of seal coat depending on use. Quartz epoxy systems are ideal for commercial kitchens in restaurants and bathrooms. There are many uses for commercial epoxy coatings including airplane hangars, warehouses, big box retail stores, food processing facilities, auto and marine showrooms and manufacturing facilities.

Metallic Epoxy Floors – In recent years metallic epoxy flooring has grown in popularity due to the highly durable and design finishes available. Plus they are seamless with easy, low cost maintetnace with the appearance of decorative polished concrete.

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