Decorative Concrete Contractors in Michigan

Decorative Concrete Contractors in Michigan

Advanced Epoxy Floors LLC

Oxford Michigan

Advanced Epoxy Flooring owned by Joe Ballor has developed what has become his companies signature decorative concrete floor. It’s a self leveling cementitious overlay textured and stained with the appearance of beautiful hardwood.

The unique application is in big demand in their local area from Ann Arbor to Flint Michigan not far from Detroit.

In the photo above, you can see a combination of a metallic epoxy combined with the hardwood looking floor. Yes, it’s hard to believe that is a cement surface.

The project was small, just 350 square feet,  but with huge impact for the owner of a fireplace store called Southeastern Heatmor in Alamont Michigan.

About The Project – Self Leveling Concrete & Metallic Epoxy

The owner was looking for a unique solution for the flooring to create a wow factor for showing off their fireplaces and supplies. They also wanted a surface that stood out from the rest of the store.

Joe Ballor of Advanced Epoxy Floors LLC provided a custom solution with his companies signature solution. Decorative concrete overlay with the appearance of hardwood. As you can see in the photo, the metallic epoxy coating was applied to enhance the hardwood appearance.

The overlay is a self leveling cement application that can be installed from 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. After a day of drying, the self leveler is stained with various colors of brown and black providing a natural wood look that is sealed with a urethane.

The entire project took 4 days from start to finish at a cost of approximately $6.25 per square foot.

This signature flooring is in his demand in restaurants due to the ease of maintenance and lack of mold and bacteria buildup common with hardwood, tile or carpet. Not only is it decorative but also provides a cost saving function.

Residential home owners like the look too. It’s great for basements and waterfront homes.

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