Decorative Concrete Floor Contractors in Baltimore County Maryland

Decorative Concrete Floor Contractors – Pinks Concrete Design

The photos here show a 600 square foot basement flooring project we completed in  Baltimore County Maryland in a residential home.

The home owner was looking for a solution that would be functional without damage from moisture common in most basements. The solution was a new decorative concrete overlays which we installed in just a few days.

The process was to remove the preexisting carpet, prep the floor by removing carpet glue and prime the surface with a liquid polymer. Then we applied a decorative concrete floor product manufactured by Duraamen Engineered Products called Sgraffino. This is a specialized cement product that has been refined and mixed in 5 gallon buckets. Each 5 galloong bucket will cover approximately 250 square feet. It comes in base colors of white or gray and is typically colored with pigments while mixing.

It is applied in thin coats resulting in a slightly textured sandstone finish. We typically apply two – three coats. Once Sgraffino dries, we will apply layers of stains and dyes to produce a mottled, natural appearance. The final steps are application of water based sealers with low odor and non slip performance.

This decorative concrete floor system will allow for moisture vapor from below the concrete slab to wick through the surface without damage. This is what we call a breathable surface. You can use area rugs placed randomly which will add to the design while also adding warmth. If they get damaged by moisture they can be discarded while the decorative concrete floor stays intact.

Decorative Concrete Floor Contractors – Local Areas We Serve

We are based in  Maryland and serve clients in Baltimore County, Anne Arundel, Carroll County, Howard and Harford Counties and others throughout the state.

We install artistic decorative concrete floors, countertops, sinks and specialty items for gardens, patios, retail stores, restaurants, schools and universities.