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Simply because you can buy epoxy products at the local paint store doesn’t mean it’s the best product for anyone with a roller and squeegee who thinks they can apply it with out failure. In truth, many clients come to us for a solution after a coating was improperly previously installed and starts chipping or peeling off the floor. Finding epoxy installers in Maryland is the first step in correcting your flooring situation.

Concrete is an amazing product. It’s tough like granite, yet it is still porous. Moisture vapor which is invisible to a regular person’s eye, pushes upwards with intense force by tiny air holes. The strain may be too much, substantial enough to trigger epoxies to peel off the floor. Finding epoxy installers in Maryland lets you rest easily, knowing that this won’t happen to you.

Solutions for Epoxy Installers in Maryland

There are solutions. First, not all epoxies are the same. There are a lot of mixtures engineered for different uses and circumstances. We have now, a moisture vapor barrier applied to floors with extreme moisture pressure. We now have self leveling coatings that are perfect for business kitchens and large visitors areas. We have coatings for storage flooring and metallics used in restaurants, retail stores and houses when ornamental flooring is required.

The amazing epoxy system applied correctly will perform for many years to come, while maintaining its beauty and durability. If you’re on the lookout for epoxy installers in Maryland or anywhere on the east coast, please contact us. We are able to assist you in establishing a suitable system for your needs and epoxy installers in Maryland who will work diligently on your project.

We serve commercial and residential customers in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

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