How To Install Garage Floor Epoxy Paint

Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Bethesda Maryland

Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Bethesda Maryland

If you’re thinking about installing garage floor epoxy paint yourself, you may want to think twice. It looks easy. Just clean your floor and roll it on. But beware, concrete floors have issues only the pros know about.

Concrete has moisture that is emitted through the tiny airholes called capillaries that are not available to the naked eye. When concrete is curing, water works it’s way to the surface leaving behind capillaries that moisture vapor can wick through. Thin epoxy paints cannot withstand moisture vapor pressure. It’s very common that new concrete floor paint looks sensational at first, the starts to chip within a few months.

The Functional Side of Epoxy  Click Here

An epoxy floor paint will add a nice design to a drab room, but also serves a functional purpose: oil stains are easy to clean, moisture can be broom clean. The addition of decorative  paint chips hide blemishes in the floor and anti-slip makes the surface safe. In warm climates, high performance, industrial concrete floor paints protect from hot tires which can cause delamination.

DIY Epoxy Reviews

Here are a few reviews we found that may be valuable to you.

“I decided to use the Rustoleum Epoxy kit in our shipping area in 2004. I had watched the pros do our main shop area, so I knew how to do it. Pressure washed the concrete with a degreaser, worked in a dry degreaser / cleaner on the hard spots, rinsed, mild muriatic acid etch, rinse, rinse and let air dry. Coated with the Rustoleum kit.”

“Within months it was showing wear. If we drop a shipping label or a piece of clear packaging tape onto the floor, and don’t pick it up right away, but go to pull it up later, it will pull some of the coating up. We have an office chair with rollers in the shipping area as well, the area under the office chair is severely worn… almost to the bare concrete. These are light duty plastic rollers.”

This review provides more information that may help you decide whether you want to Do It Yourself Or Hire a Pro to Install a Professional Grade

“I don’t consider our shipping area severe duty, our shop is, but I would think our shipping area sees the same kind of traffic and use that a home garage or shop would. The Rustoleum product does not stand up as well as I would have liked.”

Some cases work out really well with DIY Epoxy Paint like with this review below

“I used non-flake epoxy on the floor of my two-bay garage and placed plastic interlocking tile (Raceway Tile) over that. On the stairs into the house and apron of the garage I used the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield. Those areas have held up for the last four years in the Washington, DC and Maryland Metro area.”

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