How to Restore The Shine to Polished Concrete and Epoxy Floors


Restore Shine To Decorative Concrete Floors

Polished concrete, acid stained and epoxy flooring will last indefinitely when the surface is protected.

Over the years we’ve seen countless decorative concrete floors that just look terrible when all they need is the right floor protection. When you maintain your floor properly not only do they look great but you’ll save a bundle.

What Is The Solution to Maintaining Decorative Concrete?

The answer is simple. Floor wax. But not any will work. Only high solids finishes compatible with water and solvent based sealers, epoxies and urethanes will perform.

Foot traffic and abrasive cleaners will scratch the surface. Once scratched, light reflection is minimized. Sctratches will absorb light. Dirt also is harbored in these tiny scratch marks. Additionally, use will wear down the surface sealers.

35% Solids floor wax is one of the best floor waxes on the market specifically engineered for decorative concrete, concrete polishing and epoxies.

It is a simple to apply, single component liquid that is applies with a microfiber mop. It has 35% solids which should be diluted with water to achieve a solids ranging from 15% to 27%.

You can apply 2-4 coats at a time. Since it dries quickly, you can apply additional coats without downtime.

If you have access to a high speed burnisher you will get the best results. The heat from burnishing melts and polishes the wax. This process produces an iron finish with great light reflection just like waxing a car.

This is the best product available for maintaining the beauty of a polished, decorative concrete or epoxy floor.

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