How To Stop Condensation on Concrete Floors

How To Stop Condensation and Dusting on Concrete Floors

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Condensation and perpetual dusting on concrete floors is a result of hydrostatic pressure. The simple term is moisture vapor which is caused by pressure underneath a concrete slab.

When the pressure is so great, it pushes upwards through tiny pores in your cement floor. The result is dust from efflorescence or moisture which settles on the floor.

If you’ve ever applied a floor coating or paint and seen bubbles, this is called out-gassing, a result of moisture vapor.

How To Stop Moisture Pressure, Condensation and Dusting on Concrete

You can’t stop the pressure but the floor can be capped with a topical barrier. Moisture pressure will still find the weakest area. If you do a good job with a topical barrier application, you’ve then applied a blocker which can push the moisture vapor to the exterior of your foundation eliminating or substantially reducing condensation or dusting.

Slab Tight is a revolutionary product that solves this problem inexpensively and easily. Cost is typically $35 – $60 cents per square foot. Ease of application makes for nominal labor costs. It’s a simple to use , single component roll on coating. Apply like you would any floor paint.

Features and Benefits of Slab Tight

  • 30-60 minute cure time minimizes cost of labor
  • Prevents concrete dusting and efflorescence
  • Environmentally friendly, waterbase with zero VOC’s and odor free
  • Stops moisture and dampness
  • Low ph below 5.0 enables bonding with carpet glue and mastics
  • Excellent Primer for epoxy coatings, paints and cementitious overlays
  • Increases top coat bonding over 250% decreasing chance of paint and coating delamination

How To Stop Condensation and Dusting on Concrete Floors

Ideal Prep System for Epoxy Paints, High Performance Coatings, Carpet, Tile and Hardwood

Slab Tight solves a big problem helping make spaces usable. It’s a perfect system for prepping a concrete surface for carpet, hardwood and tile. But it’s the ultimate system for epoxy paints, coatings and overlays.

If you’re looking for a solution to a dusty, damp area and want it looking nice and clean, one of our most popular systems is a combination of Slab Tight or Perfect Primer with a water based epoxy.

The entire system can be applied in a few days. If you are looking for an economical solution and planning on to do it yourself, this is the best system we have found.

Many contractors are creating profitable businesses with this solution. The ease and affordability enable anyone to solve moisture, condensation and dusting problems. Click Here For The Full System.

The Video Below Explains Hydrostatic Pressure from Wagner Testing


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