Remodeling Restaurants in Maryland With Decorative Concrete

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Remodeling Restaurants With Decorative Concrete

It’s been said that anything that can be made, can be made better with concrete. When remodeling restaurants this is true. Restaurants are where decorative concrete shows it’s true potential for function and design.

Let’s start in the kitchen. Commercial kitchens get tremendous abuse. Hot grease, abrasive foot traffic, oil, alcohol, coffee, soda are all ingredients that stain and are hard to clean. Add gravity, feet that track these by products everywhere and you have a challenging floor issue.

Epoxy coatings are the best solution for commercial kitchens when remodeling restaurants. They are durable, non slip and seamless. They can withstand excessive harsh cleaners. They can be waxed and recoated and buffed with high speed burnishers. Cove moldings can be added around all vertical areas and coated with epoxy. This makes for a seamless pan floor that can be excessively washed without getting under the walls which will cause mold, bacteria build and an expensive shut down by the board of health.

Epoxies come in many colors with decorative chips or quartz that make them an attractive flooring solution for remodeling restaurants.  High build epoxy coatings are a function and design solution for commercial kitchens.

Bathrooms take a beating like with commercial kitchens. Epoxies are a great solution in bathrooms but there are options. There are complete epoxy systems or decorative concrete overlays that can be sealed with clear epoxy sealers and polyaspartics that wear like iron while enhancing decorative overlays.

Dining areas require the design, function solution with additional options. There is concrete polishing, self leveling concrete and various thin skim coats that can be customized when remodeling restaurants to create any design option you can imagine. They can be cut into tile designs with the natural appearance of polished concrete or textured like stone.

There are thin overlays that can be stamped with texture maps, colored to look like bluestone, slate or any natural stone, then saw cut patterns will make the floor look like slabs of granite.

Remodeling Restaurants With Concrete Bar Tops, Tables and Vessel Sinks

In addition to remodeling restaurants with decorative concrete floors, you have unlimited options with bar tops, sinks and tables. Use your imagination and I’m sure you can come up with more. Bar tops have been built with glass inlays, pieces of copper, tile, and machine parts. Anything you can imagine can be imbedded into concrete.

Countertops and bar tops can be stained in natural earth tones or with bright colored dyes. Using different colored concrete mixed together can create a custom marble appearance. Remodeling restaurants bar tops is a great marketing strategy. Your customers will always know your place as the one with the concrete bar top.

Looking to continue your theme with a unique appearance and you can have custom sinks made for the bathrooms.  The cost may be more then stock fixtures but the return on the investment can be extraordinary for the marketing benefit.

The same holds true with tables. When you’re looking to create a unique image, no product can match the unique curb appeal created with decorative concrete. Remodeling restaurants with decorative concrete is a great investment.

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