What Is The Best Method To Prep a Concrete Floor

Best Primer For Concrete Surface Prep

We have been applying a product for concrete floor prep called Perfect Primer with such amazing results that we became a distributor of the product.

This is an ideal system for do it yourself home owners and contractors looking for an alternative to grinding and shotblasting. It can be easily applied to clean surfaces including concrete, glue, sealed concrete, tile, VCT, old epoxy paint, and wood.

The Best Primer and Surface Prep For Epoxy Coatings and Paint, Concrete Overlays, Hardwood, Tile – Applied By Do It Yourself Home Owners and Contractors Since 2002

Top Product for Concrete Floor Prep

The Ultimate Concrete Surface Prep System  Saves Money and Time!

Perfect Primer is easily rolled on the floor. Then you can apply epoxy paints and coatings, concrete overlays, hardwood, tile or even carpet. It does prevent moisture from wicking through the surafce. If you need even more protection, in the Perfect Primer line there is another product called “Slab Tight”. This product reduces moisture vapor and bubbles in coatings from out gassing.

Concrete Primer for Hardwood, Tile, Epoxy, CarpetBenefits of Perfect Primer and Slab Tight

  • Bonds to various coatings and difficult surfaces
  • Eliminate Concrete etching and grinding
  • Reduce time with quick application
  • Use to encapsulate asbestos and lead
  • Creates a new clean surface
  • Easy application with brush and roller
  • No mixing, ready to apply
  • Non Toxic and Environmentally safe
  • Reduce moisture odors and bacteria growth
  • Eliminate dusty concrete and efflorescence

How To Apply Perfect Primer

The surface needs to be clean. If you have old carpet glue or mastics, be sure to scrape loose particles and brush or vacuum to a clean surface.

We do have a cleaner that is ideal for cleaning your floor. Best solution is to call us and discuss your flooring condition. We will recommend the best way to clean and prep your concrete floor.

Cracks should be filled. We do have a crack repair system that is ideal for application of Perfect Primer or Slab Tight.

If you have damaged concrete, we do recommend patching first. Spalled or rough areas will absorb a lot of product. The smoother the surface the less product you will need to apply.

Best Concrete and Cement Floor Primer

How Long Before Applying Epoxy, Overlays, Hardwood or Carpet

We recommend 24-48 hours for best results. Since most projects need to move along daily, in most cases you can apply your flooring the day after application. In humid and moist areas you may want to allow for an extra day of dry time.

Contact us for a complete application guide.

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