Where To Buy The Best Concrete Floor Paint Kits

Pinks Do It Yourself Epoxy Coating KitsLooking for a contractors grade Do It Yourself Concrete floor paint and epoxy coating kit?

O & E specializes in epoxy coatings, floor repair and sealers with a full line of products and installers.

We offer technical support for all our customers. Due to the fact that not all concrete floors are the same, we match the best concrete epoxy coating and paint system to solve your issues at the most appropriate budget.

Do It Yourself Concrete Floor Epoxy Coatings

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Do It Yourself Epoxy Paints by Pinks Concrete DesignFor light commercial and residential use including garages, basements, game rooms and workrooms we offer 2 systems.

Colors include light and medium grey, tile red, tan and amber.

Our high solids wax coating is ideal for long term maintenance at a very affordable price.

  1. Water Based Epoxy Coating Kit – This is a 2 component water based epoxy system that is easy to apply and super durable and abrasion resistant.  For increased performance we do recommend our primer product. Our primer adheres to concrete, old floor paints, carpet glue, metal and wood (Plus a moisture prevention product available called “Slab Tight”). It’s a simple roll on primer. We’ve used this system for years replacing need for mechanical floor grinding or shotblasting on floors from 300 Square feet to 30,000 Square Feet.
  2. High Solids Epoxy Kit – This is a high performance industrial grade system that can be applied at 12-30 mils thick. This system is very popular among professional installers. It is ideal for many commercial floors and residential garages. It is a 100% solids epoxy. You can also apply high performance clear coats for additional durability. Kit comes with paint brush, mixing tool, roller and roller cover. Decorative chips are available.

Best DIY Epoxy Floor PaintO & E Concrete Design Products We Use

  • Concrete Densifiers – Concrete densifiers plus waterproofing are available. These are siliconate and lithium based hardeners that react with concrete to densify and add water repellency. Increases durability and wear resistance.
  • Floor Wax – Our floor finish is a 35% solids clear coat applied with microfiber mop. Great for restoring and maintaining a clean appearance and enhancing epoxies and decorative concrete flooring. Used in restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, basements and garages nationwide.
  • Concrete Cleaners – This is a high performance concrete cleaner in a concentrated formula that can be reduced with water as needed. It is an environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable cleaner capable of dissolving oil based soils. Very popular in areas of construction to clean dry wall products, paint drips and other spills.
  • Concrete Sealers – Call us for sealers for interior or exterior use. Water and solvent based, epoxies and urethanes available. Sidewalks, patios, pool decks, pavers, dusty concrete floors.
  • Crack and Joint Repair – Need to patch your cement flooring, fix cracks or fill expansion joints. Water repellent, chemical resistant.
  • SkidProof Products – Need a slip resistant floor coating for ramps, public areas, slippery hair salons and restaurants? Products include copolymer rubber based systems,  epoxy skid proofers, water based non slip sealers and more!

Contact today for, tell us about your floor and we’ll recommend the top system for you.